About EduKit

Since 2015, ForestChoice has partnered with EduKit to provide ForestChoice #2 pencils to students across the United States. Based in Colorado Springs, CO, EduKit has been simplifying back to school shopping since 1993. Here’s a bit more about EduKit in their own words:

“EduKit has changed the world of school supply shopping since 1993 with its school supply bundles. Driven by the hassles and frustration of back-to-school shopping, EduKit launched the kit, a compilation of brand name, high-quality school supplies, all delivered pre-packaged and easy to distribute to the students. What a concept!

Since its launch, EduKit has donated thousands of dollars to the educational community to help kids who need it the most.

We are glad to offer schools and parents alike, a service that is remarkably easy and completely customizable. Just think of it as your personal assistant and personal shopper all wrapped into one!”

For more information about EduKit, head over to EduKitInc.com.