The ForestChoice® brand of Incense-cedar wood products was developed in 1999 by California Cedar Products Company, based in Stockton, California. Our ForestChoice® pencils are manufactured from the finest California Incense-cedar wood, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to have originated from environmentally well-managed forests. ForestChoice® now offers consumers a high-quality writing instrument that demonstrates a serious commitment to the environment. For us, our offering of pencils is just the start of a good thing. 

California Cedar Products Company has also developed the world’s first firelog of its kind and continue to produce firelogs exclusively for Duraflame®. Duraflame® firelogs were created in the late 1960s when California Cedar Products Company discovered a more responsible use of the sawdust by-product it created from milling cedar pencil slats. Traditionally this sawdust was disposed of by burning it or by hauling it to landfills. In September, 2000 California Cedar Products Company was awarded the TOPPS first place award for the company’s environmentally responsible efforts towards reducing pollution to land. California Cedar Products Company was awarded this honor from its development and use of waxed cardboard (post-consumer) as a component in manufactured wood/wax firelogs. In this case, pollution is prevented by developing a product using waste material that decomposes slowly, which would otherwise go to a landfill. By using old waxed cardboard, mostly used in shipping produce from farms to supermarkets, the firelog requires less additional wax, subsequently reducing the demands on natural resources. Today, we continue to produce a wide range of firelogs for our sister company, Duraflame, the world market leader in this consumer product category.